John’s Blog – The Joys of January

With the Christmas festivities over for another year, it’s time to appreciate the delights that the the New Year can bring. January has always been my favourite time of year for produce. Surprisingly, the start of the year heralds two very fresh fruits. From Spain we get the start of the blood orange season, wildly sharper than it’s perennial cousin and a gorgeous blood red inside. And from the UK, Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb. One of only two EU protected fruits in the UK. Yorkshire forced rhubarb is grown by candlelight so that the harder, green plant cell walls don’t develop. This keeps the fruit a gorgeous pink and, more importantly, a lot more tender than its summer sun counterparts. Forced Rhubarb is on our menu as our tasting dessert, simply poached with yoghurt custard and vanilla bean cake.

Dry January?

We appreciate that come January there are some poor souls racked with guilt over their boozie behaviour during the last few weeks of 2017. To help people through a dry January we’ll be using Blood Orange and Forced Rhubarb to make two delicious alcohol-free aperitifs. These will be free to our customers for the whole month.

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