Countries that have the spiciest food in the world

People who enjoy spicy food are the few who understand the magic of flavours. There are many foodies across the world who know that handling spicy is not a cakewalk. There are many people who state that spicy food can satiates the taste bud and can also speed up the metabolism as the body temperature rises. Spicy food is rich is chemical capsaicin which can lead to sweating which is also somewhat related to workout. If you are someone who enjoys the spices, there are many countries which enjoy spicy food.


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations which offer street food and can have some of the spiciest stir fry dishes and soups. The food is cooked with aromatic herbs and spices which can make for the best food around the world. If you are someone who loves to eat spicy food, you have to try the fish and meat dishes made from thick red curry sauce which is spicy as well as flavourful.



Mexican food seems incomplete without chilli. You need to make sure that you are incorporating chillies like Jalapeno, Pabloan, Serrano, Habanero and Ancho. These chillies are some of the spiciest, and the food here is worth a try.


One of the spiciest dishes in Malaysia is the Otak Otak. They are made from dried chillies blended with minced fish and steamed with banana leaf. This is a must-try as while being spicy can be quite yummy to taste.


Korea offers Buldak or Fire Chicken which is also known to be one of the spiciest food. They are many recipes which offer the chicken on different levels of spiciness. There are many things you need to do, which will allow you to get comfortable with the spices.



Jamaican Jerk Chicken is one of the best spiciest dishes. The dish is spicy as well as flavourful, which makes it to be hot, spicy as well. This is a country which makes some of the best spiciest recipes with the goat.


When it comes to Indian cuisines, the real flavours are all set in the red curries which is made from chillies, garlic, cardamom, pepper and coriander. There are people from North and South, East and West, and in all the regions people use red and green chillies to help enhance the flavours. There are things like using heat and spices of the country to help you enjoy each dish.


China provides for some of the best tasting spiciest dishes. The South-western part is generally infused with dried chillies and Sichuan peppercorn. This allows you to give the zing which any hardcore people who love spicy will enjoy.

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