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No Man’s Grace was opened in 2013 and has contemporary dishes inspired by classics quickly won critical acclaim. No Man’s Grace was named in the Top 25 Coolest Restaurants. All Food is freshly prepared and made with love. 

World Cuisines All Day Dining

We at No Man’s grace have access to some of the best cuisines from all around the world served to you right in one place where you can enjoy your food and our service.

We have access to a few of the exquisite dishes which is unique to our restaurant. We want to show people the uniqueness of each dish with just a bit of uniqueness.

Beef Dripping Fudge

Beef dripping fudge has a unique, and tasty blend of sweet and savoury options which is sure to blow you away.

Stuffed Chicken Thigh

Chicken thighs are our speciality as we slow roast our chicken to give it the texture and smoky taste can blow you away.

Poached Dover Sole

Poached Dover Sole is a dish for all the vegetarians who can enjoy their meal without having to worry about the quality or taste.

White onion & Parmesan

A dish like White onion and parmesan requires patience and the right hand to be cooked to perfection, which can give you the taste you are looking for.


“This is one of the best places to be if you are a food lover like me. They have a huge selection
to choose from and can bring you the right taste every time.”

Tom C. Brown

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Restaurant Food Choices To Fuel London Personal Training Sessions


Trying to stay healthy while you’re eating out can be quite a challenging task. Platter sizes are often too large, and many dishes are usually full of saturated fat and sodium. But some restaurants also provide healthy options.


To reach your fitness goals, you not only have to focus on your  personal training in London sessions, but you’ve also got to eat great food as well. You’ll need to switch up your eating habits and choose what’s healthier to maintain that diet plan.


While you are training, what you need is to achieve nutritional success at every meal.


Achieving nutritional success means getting the correct nutrient information and maintaining a proper schedule for your eating habits in our daily lives.


You may usually have all your meals at home, but sometimes you’ll want to eat out too. So whether you’re having your meals at home or at a restaurant, you should keep in mind what type of food you’re consuming. Being mindful of your food is important while you are under a training regime.


Scroll down to see what’s healthy for you while you’re eating out at a restaurant.


  • Avocados


Avocados are packed with fiber and good fats, which means they’ll fill your stomach and won’t make you go hungry for longer.


Avocados are also great for post-running and can also fuel up your pre-run sessions.

Avocado salads are the most common food item you’ll find in a restaurant.


  • Steak

Steaks are a great source of B-vitamins, zinc, and iron.

Steaks are also one of the best food sources for protein. Protein is important for keeping your bones, skin, hair, and blood flow in good shape.


Eating steaks can also help prevent your body from iron deficiency. Iron is essential to our body; it helps the red blood cells deliver oxygen to our cells.


  • Pineapple platter

Eating fruit on a daily basis can tremendously boost your health. All different types of fruit deliver unique health benefits.

For example, pineapple is a nutrition-rich fruit. It contains Vitamin C, enzymes, and antioxidants. Pineapples also help in boosting the immune system in your body.


  • Chicken breast 

Chicken breasts are good sources of protein, and they pack a healthy amount of Vitamin B, Vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and iron.


They are rich in lean protein, meaning proteins help in maintaining muscle mass and increase metabolism.  Chicken breasts are also inexpensive, so they’re a good choice for a balanced diet plan.


  • Pasta

Pasta with whole-grain made from whole wheat contains a fair amount of magnesium and fiber.


It is a convenient choice while dining out because pasta does not necessarily cause weight gain, as study reports.


Moreover, pasta can also be part of a health-based diet for people with diabetes.


A pointer you could note is to check the restaurant menus ahead of time.

The biggest takeaway is to be aware of how you can be in a position to control the nutritional and calorie variables in your diet.

What is Wine? A Beautiful Explanation

Wine is an alcoholic beverage which is made with fermented grape juice. There are many fruits like apples, cranberries, plums, etc., which can easily be converted into juice. You need to look for the label to understand the contents of your wine. This allows you to push the right boundaries, which will allow you to enjoy the drink much better.

Wine grapes are different than the table grapes as they are smaller and sweeter and have seeds. Most wine grapes originated from single species called the Caucasus. There are thousands of varieties of species; one of the most common is Cabernet sauvignon. Wine grapes take an entire season to ripen and can be produced in just one year. The origin of the tern vintage stands for winemaking and the age of the grapes as well as the juice matters when it comes to the overall consumption of the juice.

Look into the vintage year listed in the label and understand its impact on your wine The harvest season in the northern hemisphere which is set from August-September and in the southern hemisphere from February-April.

Single Varietal Wine

Single Varietal Wine

A single varietal wine is made from one type of grape and is one of the most common wines labelled for the variety. The bottle of Riesling is made with Riesling grapes and is one of the best ways to note the taste of wine from each country which has different rules and can be included with the labelled varietal wine.

Wine blend

This is the wine blend which is made with several grape varieties. Blending is a traditional winemaking method where many wine blends are mixed which includes classic wine grapes. The wine blends can easily be mixed and after the fermentation after the full fermentation of its completion. This is called the field blend and is famous when it comes to port wines.

The taste of wine

There are several facets which can give the wine its unique flavour like the acidity, alcohol tannin, sweetness, aroma compound used in fermentation.

Acidity: Wine as a beverage lies on the acidic end of the pH scale ranging from as low as 2.5 lemons or as high as 4.5 greek yoghurt taste. The acidity content of the wine is what gives the wine its tart flavours.

Sweetness: The sweetness depends on the style of the wine that you drink. The sweetness in your wine ranges from having no sugar to sweet like maple syrup. There are many who refers to wine as dry to signify the wine without its sweetness.

Alcohol: The spicy the alcohol, palate-coating can warm the back your throat. The average range of alcohol is about 10% ABV to 15%.

Tannin: Tannin is found in red wines and can contribute to having the signature qualities of red wine.


Countries that have the spiciest food in the world

People who enjoy spicy food are the few who understand the magic of flavours. There are many foodies across the world who know that handling spicy is not a cakewalk. There are many people who state that spicy food can satiates the taste bud and can also speed up the metabolism as the body temperature rises. Spicy food is rich is chemical capsaicin which can lead to sweating which is also somewhat related to workout. If you are someone who enjoys the spices, there are many countries which enjoy spicy food.


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations which offer street food and can have some of the spiciest stir fry dishes and soups. The food is cooked with aromatic herbs and spices which can make for the best food around the world. If you are someone who loves to eat spicy food, you have to try the fish and meat dishes made from thick red curry sauce which is spicy as well as flavourful.



Mexican food seems incomplete without chilli. You need to make sure that you are incorporating chillies like Jalapeno, Pabloan, Serrano, Habanero and Ancho. These chillies are some of the spiciest, and the food here is worth a try.


One of the spiciest dishes in Malaysia is the Otak Otak. They are made from dried chillies blended with minced fish and steamed with banana leaf. This is a must-try as while being spicy can be quite yummy to taste.


Korea offers Buldak or Fire Chicken which is also known to be one of the spiciest food. They are many recipes which offer the chicken on different levels of spiciness. There are many things you need to do, which will allow you to get comfortable with the spices.



Jamaican Jerk Chicken is one of the best spiciest dishes. The dish is spicy as well as flavourful, which makes it to be hot, spicy as well. This is a country which makes some of the best spiciest recipes with the goat.


When it comes to Indian cuisines, the real flavours are all set in the red curries which is made from chillies, garlic, cardamom, pepper and coriander. There are people from North and South, East and West, and in all the regions people use red and green chillies to help enhance the flavours. There are things like using heat and spices of the country to help you enjoy each dish.


China provides for some of the best tasting spiciest dishes. The South-western part is generally infused with dried chillies and Sichuan peppercorn. This allows you to give the zing which any hardcore people who love spicy will enjoy.


John’s Blog – The Joys of January

With the Christmas festivities over for another year, it’s time to appreciate the delights that the the New Year can bring. January has always been my favourite time of year for produce. Surprisingly, the start of the year heralds two very fresh fruits. From Spain we get the start of the blood orange season, wildly sharper than it’s perennial cousin and a gorgeous blood red inside. And from the UK, Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb. One of only two EU protected fruits in the UK. Yorkshire forced rhubarb is grown by candlelight so that the harder, green plant cell walls don’t develop. This keeps the fruit a gorgeous pink and, more importantly, a lot more tender than its summer sun counterparts. Forced Rhubarb is on our menu as our tasting dessert, simply poached with yoghurt custard and vanilla bean cake.

Dry January?

We appreciate that come January there are some poor souls racked with guilt over their boozie behaviour during the last few weeks of 2017. To help people through a dry January we’ll be using Blood Orange and Forced Rhubarb to make two delicious alcohol-free aperitifs. These will be free to our customers for the whole month.

Restaurant Dessert Recipes

Desserts are some of the best ways to lift your mood no matter the situation outside. Knowing how to make these sweets at home is seriously dangerous as it is a meticulous process. It is important that you understand the measurements right to get everything right on the spot. Here are a few restaurant dessert recipes which you can enjoy at home.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A yummy dessert which is sure to become an instant favourite of people is chocolate chip cookie. A chocolate chip cookies can be your every day sweet treat. This is one dessert which is simple yet complicated. It requires experienced hands to bring you that soft yet crunchy centre which chocolatey goodness.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Harry potter exploding bonbons

Harry Potter lovers are going to love these bonbons. These bonbons are Harry Potter themed which not only gives you the excitement of enjoying the house you will be sorted into. Try to make sure that you are taking the right proportion and not telling the contents on the inside. This will provide you with a mix of fun and taste. (Must Watch)

Shamrock Shake

This is a St. Patrick’s Day staple but without the alcohol to help you enjoy the day well. You can make it tastier by mixing marshmallow flavoured vodkas to give it that taste. This is one dessert which is for adults but also without the alcohol for children.

Molten Chocolate cakes

Molten Chocolate cakes

Molten chocolate cakes is one of the most indulging out of the desserts mentioned here. This is a chocolate dessert which can be a little messy but worth every bit of it. Baking this cake requires precision, and enjoying the dish will allow you access to some of the best indulgence.

Bacon fried apples

Bacon is something nobody will be able to avoid. This is a fried apple recipe which will have a hint of savoury feel to it. This is one dessert that people will not be able to avoid and can curb your sweet tooth without being overpoweringly sweet.

Pineapple upside-down cheesecake

This is a new take on the classic cheesecake but with an upside-down pineapple twist which is sure to get you started on the pineapple twist. This is a delicious dessert for people who like to enjoy a dessert which is different from the rest.

Copy cat nutter butters

Copy cat nutter butters

This is one dessert which is even more delicious if made at home—a simple yet impactful dessert which is sure to bring back your childhood days. There are many dessert recipes in the list, but nothing comes closer to the copy cat nutter butter which will take you straight back down the memory lane.